Gigantic Giant Poodle Breeder

May 5, 2022

Clad in an iconic curly coat, the Giant Poodles are just like any other poodles only that they are way larger than ordinary. Giant Poodles belong to the standard kind which is the tallest among all the poodle varieties.

The common stereotype about poodles is that they are fancy, diva-like and high-maintenance dog. However, there’s more to giant poodles than meets the eye.

They are more than just an icon of elegance and luxury, beaming with confidence, and pride in the canine world. Giant Poodles are affectionate, loyal, and whip-smart making them greatly prized as one of the best companion dogs in the world.

Pooch Size
The American Kennel Club categorizes poodles into three size variants — Toy, Miniature, and Standard. Dog sizes are categorized by breed registries by their height rather than how much they weigh. Standard poodles stand 15 to 21 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh 45 to 65 pounds making them the largest kind compared to the Toy and Miniature which are the small and mid-sized poodles.
Giant Poodles, often advertised as “Royal Poodles”, are simply Standard poodles that are bigger than the average. They can stand to an incredible height of 20-28 inches at the shoulder and a whopping weight of 80 to 90 pounds which is comparable to that of the Bernese mountain dog.

Standard poodles are sexually dimorphic with males being noticeably larger than the females.

Poodle Colors
Theoretically, all poodles regardless of size are scaled replicas of one another. They are known for their iconic flamboyant curly groom and surprisingly low-shedding coat. The coat is a poodle’s crowning glory. When it comes to choosing which colored poodle to breed or own, be notified of the range of colors that will leave you overwhelmed with options.

Poodles are a breed that comes in many shades, shapes, and sizes. They go through various stages of “clearing” or color changes before poodles achieve their final color as they reach maturity —from solid color, parti-colors, phantom, mis-mark, and more.

Solid color
Most poodles have solid colors with black as the most common. They also come in many unique solid colors —- white, apricot, blue (faded black), brown, cafe au lait (shiny light tan), cream, silver, silver beige, red (amber), and gray.

A parti-colored poodle is one that has white as a primary coat with more than 50% irregular patches from a secondary color (black, silver, beige, cream, red, apricot, etc.) scattered anywhere on the dog. What makes parti poodles interesting is that their coloration is unique. You’ll never know what you’ll get.

A mis-mark, opposite to parti-colored poodles, has the main coat of any other poodle color with less than 50% of white fur that spread around the chin, chest, neck, paws, and tip of the dog’s tail.

Preferred by many poodle owners, these colored poodles have a mixture of 2 colors in which the dogs have specific markings they are born with on a solid background.

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