Cafe Au Lait Standard Poodle Puppy

May 5, 2022

Cafe Au Lait Standard Poodle Puppy

One of the most widespread breeds in the world is the poodle breed. The poodle ranks second in the smartest dogs’ ranking, ahead of the German Shepherd and second only to the Border Collie. The breed’s popularity is due to its cheerful character, devotion, high intelligence, mobility, and kindness. Modern poodles are stylish, beautiful, and athletic dogs.

Like their ancestors, they can participate in hunting, win sports, and be adorable, affectionate, cheerful decorative dogs. Among the huge variety of poodles’ colors, it is worth highlighting cafe au lait, which combines several shades. It is easy to confuse the cafe au lait coat with a silver beige, but a few differences should be considered when determining the color.

What Will I Learn?
The Origin Story Of The Cafe Au Lait Poodle
What Does A Cafe Au Lait Poodle Look Like?
Maintenance And Grooming Of Cafe Au Lait Poodle
The Origin Story Of The Cafe Au Lait Poodle
Cafe Au Lait PoodlePin
The cafe au lait poodle is distinguished by its refined and aristocratic looks. This is a proud dog who knows his own worth. Representatives of the breed were the pets of famous writers, artists, and even royal family members. Moreover, this is a very ancient type of dog, the origin of which has not yet been precisely established, and even the country where the poodle was born is still known. There are two versions of this:

According to the first version, the homeland of the poodle is France. The French used poodles as hunting dogs.
According to another version, poodles originated from Germany.
The first images of animals similar to poodles were found in tombs in Rome, as well as on bas-reliefs and old coins. In the XII century, images of poodles adorned cathedrals and castles in France. The sixteenth century brought this breed to great popularity in European countries and then almost throughout the world. In the nineteenth and twentieth century, the first breed standards were established.

The exact translation “poodle” means “splash in the water.” This name was given for a reason because the cafe au lait poodle is very fond of water. Having reached the reservoir, the dog will splash there for several hours. In France, these dogs are considered national pride. There are many varieties of the breed. For example, the standard or large poodle was used primarily for hunting waterfowl. In contrast, the purpose of the miniature poodle is to be a companion dog.

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