Brown Medium Size Poodle Mix Breeds

May 5, 2022

Medium poodles, also called moyen or klein poodles, are a size between miniature and standard poodles. FCI registries around the world recognize this fourth size poodle. The medium size is currently not recognized as a fourth size with America’s AKC or UKC. Medium poodles are also not recognized by Canada’s CKC or the United Kingdom’s KC.

AKC considers all poodles the same breed, so puppies are still eligible for registration. Medium poodles are fun to compete with in AKC performance sports. Most are too large to show in conformation as a miniature and too small to be competetive showing against standards. The medium size is a great size for competition groomers.

Most of my medium poodles mature 15-19 inches at the shoulders and 15-25 pounds. A few get a little larger. They have very pleasent temperaments that are fun, highly intelligent, and trainable.
Moyen poodles are excellent family dogs, including families with young children. They are small enough to cuddle on your lap and large enough to enjoy outdoor adventures. Moyen poodles are a hardy breed that enjoys hiking, running, water, and other outdoor activities. They also love to lounge around the house and be an intimate part of their family. Their smaller size makes them an excellent choice for apartment and recreational vehicle living. They are wonderful travel companions that don’t take up a lot of room in the car.

Their intelligence and size make them excellent service dog candidates for people that do not require assistance from a larger breed dog. They are also excellent therapy dogs for schools, hospitals, and assisted living homes.

Some moyen poodles in America have been imported from Europe. Others have been bred through inter-variety breeding (miniature poodle bred with standard poodle). Health tested inter-variety bred and imported moyen poodles are helping to widen the healthy gene pool of poodles in America. A larger healthy gene pool results in fewer auto-immune diseases, which are very prevalent in many American Standard Poodle bloodlines.

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