Boxerdoodle Puppies Breeder: Boxer Poodle Mix

May 5, 2022

Boxerdoodle Puppies Breeder: Boxer Poodle Mix

A Boxerdoodle is a mix of elegance and a hard work ethic. This pup is a popular hybrid mix of a Boxer with the Poodle. The Boxerdoodle can be from 12 pounds up to 70 pounds. The variance in weight and size is due to the different types of poodles that a Boxerdoodle can be bred with, including toy, miniature, and standard Poodles. Be sure to research the breeding of your Boxerdoodle if you are looking for a particular size.

Other differences that may occur in this breed are their coat, and standard colors include mixes of white, tan, and black. The fur may be thick and curly or wavy and wirier. The dogs mixed with standard Poodles make for quality working dogs, primarily due to their intelligence inherited from the Poodle parent. If you are looking for a trainable dog who will be able to fit well into an active lifestyle or as a member of your family, read on to find out how well Boxerdoodles may meet your requirements.divider 10

Boxerdoodle Puppies — Before You Buy
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What’s the Price of Boxerdoodle Puppies?
The two main aspects that determine the price of a dog are the reputation of the breeder you are buying them from and the general cost of the parental breeds. Since both the Poodle and the Boxer are expensive breeds, the Boxerdoodle tends to be one of the most expensive hybrid dogs. The price lands typically between $650 to $1,500, although if the parents have a quality pedigree, they can be even more costly.Divider 8

3 Little-Known Facts About Boxerdoodles
1. The Boxerdoodle is a versatile dog breed.
The Boxerdoodle has the potential to be a versatile dog breed due to the intriguing breeding history it has inherited. The Boxer was a descendent of fighting dogs from the valleys in Tibet and had ancestral ties to almost all varieties of Bulldog. They are also related to dogs like the Dogue de Bordeaux and the Tibetan Mastiff, having been bred to be aggressive hunting dogs with a high prey drive. In the past, they have been used as hunting dogs for large prey, like bears, deer, and boar. They were also commonly used as a bull-baiter before those activities became illegal. Since then, much of the aggressive nature has been bred out of these pups, and they are currently the 10th most popular dog breed within the United States.

The Poodle was also commonly used as a water dog for duck hunting. For a long period in history, Poodles were even used as circus performers and make great companion dogs, guide dogs, and guard dogs when trained the right way. All in all, who knows what your Boxerdoodle is capable of doing?
2. The mix of popular breeds doesn’t mean it is a popular hybrid.
Oddly, although the Poodle has become one of the most recognized and beloved dogs around the world and the Boxer is of immense popularity in America, the mix is relatively rare. This rarity is part of the reason that Boxerdoodles are so expensive. Also, many people believe that breeding the two doesn’t make for a better dog with combined traits, but it takes away from the potential purebred lines. Although this is entirely unfounded, the demand has never been high and thus, the supply is limited.

  1. They are adaptable dogs.
    There are not many dogs who are ready to take on any climate or environment that life has to throw at them, but Boxerdoodles are one of them. These pups are fine with growing up in hot and humid locations, as well as being ready to adapt to more frigid temperatures in the North.

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