Black Standard Poodle Breeders

May 5, 2022

Black Standard Poodle Breeders

Forget the stuffy, stuck-up poodles of pop culture—in actuality, these pooches are athletic, intelligent, friendly dogs with so much to offer. The poodle's bright demeanor and people-pleasing nature make him an excellent pal for humans and peacekeeper among other pets. Standard poodles are the most athletic and agile of all the poodle types, and they take quickly to training. Poodles also have the privilege of being low odor and among the least-shedding of all coated dogs.
So they're pretty much perfect, right? Not so fast. The timid poodle can border on neurotic at times, and he's easily stressed out by noise and any amount of chaos or conflict. Poodles can also be time-consuming and expensive to groom. But if you can deal with these quirks, you'll be rewarded with a loyal, lively pet who loves to make you happy.

The average purebred poodle puppy costs around $1,000 but you can expect to spend up to five times that amount for a poodle with superior pedigree.

Poodles are known for their curly coat, long pointed nose, and small dark eyes. They're also famously associated with one of the most ornate dog grooming styles ever—the topiary continental clip, which leaves curly pom-poms of hair carefully shaped around the joints and chest. Those unfamiliar with poodles might be surprised to find that the flamboyant continental clip is largely seen only on show dog poodles—family pet poodles usually go with the more subtle sporting clip, which is a short and fuss-free style. You'll most often find poodles with white, black, or brown coats, but they exist in a wide range of shades from apricot to silver.

light brown standard poodle standing on path in woods

Bred for hunting, poodles are excellent companion pets for active, outdoorsy families.| CREDIT: TEEMU TRETJAKOV / EYEEM / GETTY
The height of a standard poodle is typically between 18–24 inches, although being over 15 inches specifically is what sets the standard poodle apart from miniature and toy poodles. (Miniature poodles are between 10–15 inches, and toy poodles are under 10 inches.) Standard poodles can weigh between 50–70 pounds, with female dogs tending to weigh less than the male ones. The standard is the largest and strongest of all the three poodle types.

Poodles are loyal, smart, and playful. And while they're friendly pups, they will bark to alert you to any noises or visitors. The breed's response to unfamiliar faces can range from friendly and engaging to shy and reserved.

"Although each dog should be viewed as an individual, poodles are known to be athletic, energetic, and motivated to learn," says Joan Hunter Mayer, CBCC-KA, a California-based professional dog trainer and behavior consultant. "As a trainer who has worked with poodles of all sizes, I would agree that in general, this breed commonly lives up to these breed traits."

white and brown standard poodle standing outside

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