Black Mini Whoodle Dog Puppies Breed: Wheaten Terrier Poodle Mix

May 5, 2022

Black Mini Whoodle Dog Puppies Breed: Wheaten Terrier Poodle Mix

Whoodles are a medium-sized, hybrid breed of dog with a blocky body and an appearance similar to a teddy bear. The Whoodle hybrid cross comes from two of the most incredible family dogs in the world. A purebred Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier crossed with a purebred Poodle.

Red Whoodle laying down.
Origin of the Whoodle
The first Whoodles were bred in the mid-1900s to combine the natural intelligence and workability of the Poodle with the alluring fur of the Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier. Like most hybrid breeds, they are a relatively new breed still in the making. It’s our goal to maintain and improve the breed as a whole.

Full grown whoodle watching owner decorate for Christmas.
What colors are whoodles?
Whoodles can come in almost any coat color, but the most common is the standard “Wheaten” or cream, associated with the Wheaten Terrier. There are also combinations of black/cream, red/cream, cream/merle, solid colors, merle, and tri-color coats. Whoodle appearance and coat color can have a wide variety of coat colors! Whoodles are also known for lightening in color over time due to the “fade gene” carried by some Poodles. The fade gene can make predicting their mature color difficult, though it is equally as possible that they will retain the full and vibrant color they were born with. Knowing this, the adult coat can be somewhat of a surprise.

Multi-colored Whoodle Puppies Collage
What Size are whoodles?
Whoodles come in a wide range of sizes, generally ranking somewhere in the middle. This is due to the size variation in the Poodle parent. Whether a Standard-sized Poodle is used or something as small as the Toy Poodle, the Whoodle will usually grow to the average size of both parenting dogs’ height. My Whoodle specializes in “Mini Whoodles,” which typically range between 20lbs and 30lbs.
Whoodles Temperament
Whoodles are extraordinarily loyal and build close bonds with each family member. Because of their intimate family relationships, they tend to be very intuitive and affectionate. They are quite playful and silly yet still gentle enough to play with children. Whoodles are very adaptable with minimal barking and are usually an excellent fit for the active family and more laid-back families alike. Whoodles are very friendly and get along with strangers and other animals very well. What more could you want in a new pet?

Merle Whoodle lounging on top of some towels.
Can you predict the temperament of a whoodle?
While there is a generally expected temperament for Whoodles, each individual puppy has its own “personality.” Volhard Temperament Testing can help you determine the natural character of most puppies, whether it is considered to be reserved, playful, independent, outgoing, etc. Our testing will reveal which pups are more assertive and brave amongst others who may be more reserved or timid. Most Whoodle puppies will excel effortlessly in pet homes, and others may have the temperament and potential to become Service Dogs. Some Whoodles can prove to be a better fit for a more active lifestyle, as an outdoor adventure companion or even a Search and Rescue (SAR) dog. You’ll also find out which puppies have natural fetching instincts. While all dogs can be taught to fetch, an innate predisposition will make it easier.

Temperament profile testing is a significant necessity for those acquiring a puppy as a service dog prospect. It’s also incredibly reliable in identifying the ideal puppy to fit any particular lifestyle.

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